Green P-Bass

Green P-Bass

Tuotenro: GR-PB

Toimitus 1-4 pv

Toimituksen paino: 4,2 kg

Alkaen €/kk.

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Green P-Bass

One of the secrets to good guitars and basses are without any doubt the necks. A good and stable neck is probably the most difficult part to manufacture, and at the same time the most important. Here, our experienced builders succeeded again. Low string action without any stringbuzz. The quality of the woodwork is impressive, as well as the painting, a really high standard on the finish.

Our Green PB is a bit more aggressive in its tone than our Green JB's. It is in the nature of the PB model.
Our bass "judge"panel have tested our PB basses and compared them to some other basses up to at least double the price. Green PB did very well in the competition. Some of the reviewed competition were hi end basses.

And  a special thanks to Nicklas, bassist in "Moloken" for the nice picture.

Linden body,

D-profile neck in hard maple

fretboard rosewood.

20 frets, 34 "scale

Tuners in vintage style

2 x PB Kent Armstrong pickups

1 volume and 1 tone control.

Hardware in chrome.

Colour: Black Gloss, Sonic blue, Surf green, 2-tone Sunburst


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