Artesound GiveMe5 head, 5W all tube, adj. speaker SIM

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Artesound GiveMe5 5W head, with adjustable speaker SIM and DI out

GiveMe5 is a small valve head that can work even without the need to connect the classic external case. Thanks to its internal cabinet simulator, the GiveMe5, it provides a balanced and perfectly calibrated signal to be sent directly to the mixer or to a sound card.

GiveMe5 was developed for home applications, professional recording studios, and live situations where microphone recording is complicated. Designed to reflect the sound standards of vintage amps, it works very well both on its own and with the pedals. The amplifier has also a preset switch for Vintage/Flat/Overdrive sounds.

Cabinet simulation filters from GiveMe5 are 100% analog and are carefully calibrated to replicate the frequency response of classic speakers and cabinets. With the 6-position control on the back, we can virtually position the microphone in the center or on the side of the cone.

With this head you can get the most out of your chain of effects and pedals, whether you want to listen directly from a speaker or you want to record in the apartment during the night in perfect silence!


  • Power: 5 watts
  • Tubes: 1 12AX7, 1 EL84
  • Controls: Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Master
  • Switches: Vintage/Flat/Overdrive - 6 virtual mic position (rear panel)
  • Output: 8 ohm speaker cab, XLR Balanced Output with adjustable level

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