Ashdown AGM-484H Guitar Head

Toimitusaika: 1-3 päivä(ä)


Ashdown Guitar Magnifier 30w All Valve Head.

Single channel all valve amplifier with boost mode and Boost master volume footswitch selectable

  • 4 x JJ Electronics ECC83s pre amp tubes
  • 4 cascaded gain stages for classic clean tones through to full
  • overdrive
  • Extra gain and Clip switches
  • Bass, middle, treble and presence controls
  • Master volume control
  • Series valve driven and recovered effects loop
  • 30 Watts output from 4 x JJ Electronics EL84 valves
  • Output meter shows average power output
  • 8/16 Ohm speaker outputs for a variety of cabinet options
  • Housed in a steel fan cooled enclosure

At the heart of new Ashdown Guitar Magnifier 484H Head lies the much loved and sought after tone of the Mofo 30. Together with twin master volumes, 4 x EL84's provide the 30 watts output and ECC83s power the pre-amp. The unit features a tube driven and recovered effects loop. The 484 is housed in an all steel case of diminutive proportions for a truly portable studio /stage head.

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