Ashdown AGM-684C Guitar Combo

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NEW @ NAMM 2019!

Ashdown Guitar Magnifier 45W 1 x 12 combo.

Full Dual channel Pre amplifier with individual Equalisation and channel volume controls- footswitch selectable

  • Channel 2 features an additional Cascade control for high gain tones
  • Dual voiced inputs and mute switch for silent instrument changes
  • 4 x JJ Electronics ECC83s preamplifier tubes
  • Bass, middle, treble controls for each channel
  • Overall master volume control
  • Genuine Accutronics Valve driven reverb spring Tank and 
  • level control
  • Series valve driven and recovered effects loop with defeat 
  • switch
  • Multi Mode Power amplifier with 6 power output levels 
  • Triode / pentode operation
  • 45, 30 and 15 watts output pentode mode
  • 22, 15 and 8 watts output in Triode mode
  • 6 x JJ Electronics EL84 valves
  • 8 and 16 Ohm speaker output for use with a different 
  • speaker cabinets
  • Plywood Tolex covered classically styled cabinet fitted with 
  • Celestion Creamback speaker

The latest development of the “Peacemaker” series and features the same control layout with two distinct channels and multiple master volumes . Internally a redesigned power stage with 6 x EL84 power tubes produces great tone, gig after gig – with 45 watts of smooth harmonically rich tone and six differing output power levels. A real Accutronics tank tube driven reverb completes the feature set and again the combo is fitted with the Celestion Creamback speaker as standard.



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