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Atom Amplifiers Supertone Special 6L6, 50W

Tuotenumero: ATM-SUP-50G

2 480,00 €
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Atom Supertone Special 50W

The Supertone Special is Atom Amps' most complete amplifier. It is a tribute to the Dumble Overdrive Special (amplifier used by artists such as SRV, Robben Ford, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton, John Mayer...), a very renowned amplifier of which there are 2-300 examples worldwide.

After countless prototypes, tests and laboratory measurements, the Atom result is spectacular. Clean crystals and rich and pleasant multistage distortion, top reliability. The multiple controls allow for unparalleled sound customization, it is a machine for professionals.

With the supplied footswitch you control the channel change (CLEAN – OVERDRIVE) and the activation of the FET BOOST (both in Clean and Overdrive). The latter is a FET (Field Effect Transistor) preamplifier positioned immediately after the guitar jack input capable of giving that extra boost to the sound during solos.

Available in different finishes and powers, the Supertone Special can be widely customized according to the guitarist's needs (effects loop, reverb, finishes on request, electrical specifications and particular voicings, etc.).

  • Power section in push pull (6L6)
  • 2 x 12AX7, 1x12AT7, diode rectifier
  • two-channel D-style circuit (normal and overdrive), plus FET boost
  • available in multiple power ratings: 22, 50, 100 watts
  • Tonestack TMB (treble, biddle, bass)
  • D-style tone control
  • BRIGHT selector
  • MID selector
  • ROCK/JAZZ selector
  • short spring reverb
  • master volume
  • PRESENCE control (on the back)
  • transparent effects loop (bypassable)
  • footswitch
  • laminated spruce cabinet
  • dovetail joints


The ATOM tube amplifiers were born from the union of two of my passions (electronics and the electric guitar, which I have cultivated since an early age).

The ATOM amps are built in a totally artisan way: I personally make the wooden cabinets and finishes, I design and test the circuits that I make on fiberglass bases and copper eyelets, the tests take place at an instrumental level in my equipped laboratory but there is a lot of attention and personal sensitivity in the voicing of individual amplifiers.

I carry out field tests and stress tests personally by playing with my own musical groups or by relying on trusted musicians. I particularly care about the satisfaction of my customers, therefore I always seek maximum reliability and attention to finishes.