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Bluetone Black King Reverb 2x10", 30w

Tuotenumero: BT-BKR

2 090,00 €
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Bluetone Black King Reverb

This amplifier model is based on a pretty heavily modified Fender Vibro King, which is a pretty rare Fender model. The original amp was made in a 3×10″ combo configuration and was manufactured for a pretty short time some 25 years ago.

Our version has several improvements compared to the original model. These improvements are an improved spring reverb, a bias modulated tremolo effect, an adjustable clean/solo boost, PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume) and a flexible power amp, which accepts all normal octal power tubes like 6V6GT,6L6GC, 5881, EL34, KT66 and KT77 tubes without re-biasing.

In this amp you can use
all normal octal power tubes like 6L6GC, EL34, 5881, KT66, KT77 and also 6V6GT tubes. In this case there is an internal switch in the amp chassis that HAS TO BE set in 6V6GT position. The tubes need NO biasing when changing them.

The output power is 14-15 W with 2x6V6GT and 28-30 W with 2x6L6GC/EL34. With the PPIMV you can also have power amp distortion at lower sound levels. Reverb, tremolo and solo boost will be switched on with a 3-button foot switch. There is also an adjustable Line Out with internal Dummy Load for silent recording

This combo amp is equipped with a 2×10″ 20 W WGS Veteran speaker elements. Yuo can have this amp also with different speaker elements as an option.

Amp weight and cabinet dimensions

2×10″ combo with WGS Veteran speakers only 16,0 kg!!

– Adjustable Line Out with stereo jack and internal Dummy Load included to price
– Plastic dust cover for cabin included to price

Technical information

  • Amp type - AB-class tube amp
  • Output power - 15-30 W depending on power tube model and distortion level
  • Primary fuse - 1,25 A/ Slow
  • Power consumption: - 44 W
  • Secondary fuse - 315 mA/ Slow
  • Preamp tubes - 3 x12AX7/ECC83
  • Rectifier - Diode rectifier
  • Power tubes - 2x 6L6GC
  • Channels - One channel with Low and High input jacks
  • Effect loop
  • Bias Cathode biased power amp, which means that there is no need to bias power tubes when changing them
  • Input - Two input jacks for guitar
  • Output - Individual jack for 8-ohm speaker and two parallel jacks for total 4-ohm load
  • Speakers - 2x10” WGS Veteran 20 W 8 ohm
  • Covering - Brown Contry&Western tolex, Fender wheat grill cloth
  • Width= 50,0 cm
  • Depth top=21,0 cm
  • Depth bottom = 25,5 cm
  • Height=47,0 cm
  • Weight=16,0 kg