Brunetti Mercury 1, Customworks 50/5W head

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Brunetti Mercury 1 is the single-channel evolution of the already famous Mercury EL34.

Mercury 1 inherits many of the features that made its big brother famous all around the world. Its DNA is therefore very similar, but with some new and brilliant reinterpretations that make it truly unique in its kind.

The Customwork series is equipped with specific components to achieve exactly the sound result we were looking for. Every resistance, condenser, transformer or component on the signal path has a very specific role. Precisely for this reason many of the main components are built according to our specifications.

Mercury1 offers features that are different from other amps for some absolutely original circuit choices. You have purchased one of the more “modern” products on the market if we can define a tube amplifier as “modern”. You will be amazed, like many of our other customers who have a Customwork series amplifier.

So… enjoy your Mercury1!

Technical Specification

  • CHANNEL: Single + Boost (HI) totally tubes
  • LOOP: Serial buffered tube loop. Spill-over function implemented, you’ll avoid
  • to have the effects tail killed when bypass
  • POWER: 50W PushPull (Class AB) or 5W (A class)
  • SWITCHING: Manual and Footswitch (HI, BROWN, EDGY, LOOP)
  • TUBES: 4 x 12AX7, 2 x EL34, 1x 5U4 (RECTIFIER)
  • DIMENSIONS: 450mm/17,7” (W), 190mm/7,5” (H), 220mm/8,5” (D)
  • WEIGHT: 13 Kg/28 lb
  • EQUIPMENT: Footswitch, power cord, waterproof cover

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