Carl Martin Pro Power V2

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Whether you are an international touring musician, or just very particular about the power your pedals are receiving; which by the way you should be, the ‘Carl Martin Pro Power version 2’ power supply was created just for you. The Pro Power version 2 offers a number of features designed with the discerning musician in mind.

Start with the switchable (110-230 V) AC input, and split that into 8 individual isolated and regulated 9v (150mA) – 12v (150mA) outputs, with extended power at output 7-8 9v (350mA) 12v (300mA), and you have a unique power supply you can use virtually anywhere.

There is a simple DIP switch on the back of the ProPower version 2, which allows you to switch the voltage of each output between 9-12v. Housed in our traditional black metal case, the Carl Martin Pro Power version 2 is perfect to use on it’s own, or when powering your personal pedal board. The Pro Power version 2 also comes with a selection of 9V DC cables for your convenience.

Multi Power Supply

  • Output 1-6: 9 V DC with 150mA or 12VDC with 150 mA
  • Output 7-8: 9 V DC 350 mA or 12 V DC with 300 mA
  • Max. output: 1600 mA
  • Electrically isolated outputs
  • Dimensions: 173 x 90 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Incl. voltage doubling cable & amperage doubling cable

Enclosed cables:

  • 8x 50 cm 2.1 mm jack
  • 1x 50 cm battery clip
  • 1x 50 cm mini-jack
  • 1x 50 cm 2.1 mm jack
  • 1x 50 cm 2.5 mm jack
  • 1x 50 cm 2.5 mm jack positive

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