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Cicognani Pompeii T1 - classic delay

Tuotenumero: CE-POMT1

Varastossa meillä
Toimitusaika: 1-3 päivä(ä)


POMPEII T1 is an echo effect created to receive the 3rd and 4th head filters of the sonority of POMPEII PE603.

Totally re-engineered to make it more suitable for today’s needs. It’s designed with a full tube pre-amplifier and equipped with a new compact and elegant chassis. POMPEII T1 is equipped with an analogue tube pre-amplifier buffered at the first and second gain stage in order to preserve the maximum linearity and sound quality.

It offers a different way of conceiving echo effects. A lot of time was spent developing the best tube pre-amp, feedback and tone circuits; as a result, the interaction between the feedback and the tone controls can create the most beautiful sounds carpet.

What to expect from POMPEII T1?

Like POMPEII PE603 puts you immediately at ease following your touch like a shadow; repetitions come very naturally by rolling out unique musical carpets. Tone control, linked to the echo/rep section, allows to control the repetitions frequencies ranging from high to low. In addition the old age modulation control colors the sound in tune with the chosen delay making it special in arpeggios.

- The tube preamplifier has a passive parallel mixing stage where, thanks to a maximum mixing effect of 50% between Dry / Wet, the contamination of the digital delay signal part is really minimal.

- Like all the “TIMELESS SERIES” is equipped with true bypass switches in order to guarantee the maximum transparency of the bypass signal and a hi quality tube, 12AX7/ECC83 medium gain type.

- DESIGN: We have designed a new circuit around an innovative, compact, practical and robust chassis. The hand drawn pcb integrates a voltage booster stage able to the valve to ensure a greater signal dynamics.

- QUALITY: Quality is very important for us. For this reason we continue to use high quality components; no internal parts in SMD technique; switches and jack gold connectors built in Italy to guarantee a longer life.


  • Power In 12VDC (Negative Tip)
  • Consumption 350mA
  • Input Impedance <1M Ohm
  • Input Level 0.5Vpp
  • Effect Mix Level Parallel MAX 50%
  • Out Impedance <100K Ohm
  • Out Level 0db max 1Vpp
  • Bandwidth 10 to 65Khz
  • Delay Time From 87mS to 520mS
  • Tube Type 12AX7 medium
  • Gain Signal Noise Ratio <76db
  • Weight 0.5kg (1.1 lbs)
  • Length 126mm (4.9")
  • Width 94mm (3.7")
  • Height 42mm (1.6")