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Cicognani Wembley, Timeless series tube overdrive.

Tuotenumero: CE-WMBL

Varastossa meillä
Toimitusaika: 1-3 päivä(ä)


WEMBLEY is an overdrive pedal designed for “brown sound old style tone”. Ideal for use as both a signal boost and an overdrive. The characteristic that distinguishes it is the faithful saturation typical of the most famous doumble or British amplifiers combined with an impact signal dynamics.Inspired by the “brown sound and British sound”

WEMBLEY ranges from low to mid-level gain while maintaining a pleasant feeling like that of historical amplifiers played at middle-high volume.The 12AU7 tube is used as an input and output buffer in order to offer a better match with the guitar impedances and enrich the sound with harmonics. WEMBLEY, thanks to the clean signal of the valve, offers the possibility of obtaining high gains with low background noise.

The “BLEND” switch offers the possibility of using WEMBLEY as a pure overdrive or as a soft-overdrive mixing the clean signal at 50%.– OVERDRIVE: 100% overdrive– CLEAN-OD: 50% overdrive + 50% signal clean

Like all the “TIMELESS SERIES” is equipped with true bypass switches in order to guarantee the maximum transparency of the bypass signal and a hi quality tube, 12AU7

DESIGN: We have designed a new circuit around an innovative, compact, practical and robust chassis. The hand drawn pcb integrates a voltage booster stage able to the valve to ensure a greater signal dynamics.

QUALITY: Quality is very important for us. For this reason we continue to use high quality components; no internal parts in SMD technique; switches and jack gold connectors built in Italy to guarantee a longer life.

The TIMELESS SERIES is equipped with an internal voltage doubler circuit. For this reason it’s necessary to use a stabilized power supply capable of guaranteeing a maximum working voltage of 12VDC with 500mA continuous.
We recommend to wait a few seconds at power on for a correctly tube pre-heating. This time is also required to discharge the output capacitor and activate the true bypass anti-bump.


  • Power In: 12VDC (Negative Tip)
  • Consumption: 350mA
  • Input Impedance: <1M Ohm
  • Input Level: Max 500 mV
  • Bass Frequency: 110 Hz
  • Middle Frequency: 680 Hz
  • Treble Frequency: 4500 Hz
  • Max S/N Ratio: 60db
  • Max Gain: +68db
  • Tube Type: 12AU7
  • Weight: 0.5kg (1.1 lbs)
  • Length: 126mm (4.9")
  • Width: 94mm (3.7")
  • Height: 42mm (1.6")