CostaLab Bad Angel OD

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CostaLab Bad Angel

The CostaLab Bad Angel is a pedal with two characters:

An overdrive with open, defined and a dynamic sound but also with a powerful distortion that reaches high levels of saturation, while maintaining an excellent definition and a timbre with a lot of character.

Simply by changing the position of the knob Drive, you can get a slightly crunchy timbre, until you reach distortion levels suited for hard rock and beyond.
The "Saint / Sinner" switch selects one of the two clipping circuits developed over years of testing and field testing. This result offers two very different characters.
One more compressed and classic and the other a much more open sound, modern and dynamic.

The Tone knob gives the guitarist a chance to optimize their sound within the range normally exploited, with a broad adjustment span technically possible but not used in practice.

The circuit of the Bad Angel builds an operational amplifier with a low noise and stability characteristics of ten times greater than normal operational with Mosfet technology.
Like all products CostaLab, this pedal is very quiet, even with the most extreme settings.

This is possible thanks to refinements in the whole circuit and in particular on the supply lines that are doubly sorted.
The Bad Angel is equipped with a mechanical "true bypass" switch with gold-plated contacts and is equipped with an anti pop filter.

The pedal is powered at 9 volts DC that is connected by means of the classic DC 2.1 mm connector with center negative.
It is possible to over power the circuit up to 12 volts DC to achieve a sound with greater headroom.

The unit can also be operated with a 9 volt battery. In this case, the circuit is activated by entering the input jack.
To prolong battery life it is recommended that remove the input jack from his grasp when you stop using it.

You can still keep the battery inside the pedal even when this is fed via the DC socket because the power system is able to automatically exclude it.
The pedal measuring 118 x 60 x 34 cm excluding knobs and Jack.

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