D'ORAZIO Electric Guitar, Pure Nickel wound

Toimitusaika: 1-3 päivä(ä)


PURE NICKEL 99% WOUND produce a very soft and midrangey sound.

Strings recommended for semiacoustic guitars with round sound.
Iron present only in the steel-core which creates a regular magnetic field with the pickups.
Hexagonal steel core, winding in pure nickel. Plain steel (nude strings) round section.
Genres recommended ROCK ‘N ROLL ’50 - FOLK - JAZZ - BEBOP

Italian string maker with a long history since 1654. All materials used in the construction of the strings are all first quality from Argentina, Germany, France, Switzerland, USA, Austria, Italy Each string is controlled in all processes. Our handmade work allows us to have high quality and to produce any kind for any instrument.

Thanks to our labelling system, in addition to items in catalog, we can produce various measures and “custom strings “ in order to satisfy your requests. We pack the strings in the Set and singles, in anticorrosive heat sealed plastic bags, in order to protect them from oxidizing agents.

D’Orazio is said to have let the family to be representative of that school, which he founded in the sixteenth century and subsequently all Italian and foreign manufactures have follow his exemple as it is well known in industry.


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