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D-Tone Amps Overdrive Specialist 50w head

Tuotenumero: DT-ODS-50H

2 499,00 €
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D-TONE Overdrive Specialist 2-channel tube guitar head amplifier.

This amp is based on the famous Dumble Overdrive Special amp no. #102 This head is 50W (2x6L6 tubes). The D-TONE AMPS are 100% hand-wired, soldered point-to-point (p2p) on turret board - as amplifiers were built in the 50s-70s. This type of amps are significantly clearer sounding and with better dynamics than amps made on a PCB board.

The CLEAN channel has a open clear and dynamic sound and the OVERDRIVE channel, due to the specific cascade construction of the preamp has a soft "creamy" distortion with a lot of harmonics. The amplifier has two inputs: NOR and FET, distinguishing it from many classic tube heads. NOR input is a standard input socket with 1M impedance. FET input is supported by a JFET transistor. It has an additional signal boost and is dedicated to electric guitars with a low output signal.

Both channels have a typical EQ, MASTER VOLUME and PRESENCE correction as well as switches: BRIGHT (high-frequency boost), MID (mid-frequency boost) and JAZZ/ROCK (changing sound characteristics in the entire frequency band). On OVERDRIVE channel in VOLUME knob we added push-pull switch with extra BRIGHT frequency boost. This solution gives even better possibilities to adjust the sound between CLEAN/OVERDRIVE channel.

Specifications 50w head:

  • layout based on legendary Dumble Overdrive Special no. #102 (hand-wired: point to point/turret board),
  • custom D-Style transformers
  • NORMAL and FET inputs
  • two independent channels: CLEAN and OVERDRIVE each with BOOTS
  • correction: EQ, PRESENCE, BRIGHT, MID, JAZZ/ROCK, extra BRIGHT on OVERDRIVE channel (push-pull switch)
  • zero loss active FX effects loop
  • 2x6L6 Tung-Sol with half power reduction: pentode/triode
  • 3xECC83/12AX7 TAD selected tubes
  • Mallory mustard capaticars
  • Vishay Dale metal film resistors
  • branded components: Switchcraft inputs, APEM switches, Alpha potentiometers
  • output impedance: 4 / 8 / 16 Ohm
  • power supply: 230V~50Hz or 120V~60Hz
  • footswitch: CHANNEL select and BOOST on/off
  • high-quality tolex and grill cloth, chrome corners, leather handle
  • dimensions: 53 x 26 x 26 cm (H x W x D)
  • weight: 16 kg (50W)
  • 1-year warranty (only for hidden defects)
  • Boutique items are excluded from the general 14 days return policy.