Dream Cymbal Bliss Series 22'' Crash/Ride

Toimitusaika: 4-8 päivä(ä)


Dream Cymbal Bliss Series 22'' Crash/Ride

  • Diverse & Thin Crash/Ride Cymbal
  • Focuses On Darker & Deeper Tones
  • Bursting With Character & Long Sustain
  • Crafted From Recycled Cymbals
  • Perfect For Any Level of Player

The Dream Cymbal Bliss Series 22'' Crash/Ride is developed by hand including hand hammering before and after lathing. The Bliss 22" Crash/Ride focuses on creating dark and deep tones that are incredibly rich. Crafted from recycled cymbals, the 22'' can be used as a crash or ride, for a versatile performance. Players can achieve a wide range of sounds and a long sustain. This is a cymbal bursting with character as well as presence, and is a smart addition to any set-up.


  • Surface: Micro Lathed by Hand
  • Bow: Low Gentle Bridge
  • Bell: Small, Articulate, Clear
  • Weight: Thin Tapers at Edge
  • Hammering: Hand Hammered (Before and After Lathing)
  • Stick: Woody Round Attack
  • Wash: Full Spectrum Wash with Quick Decay


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