Dream Cymbal Contact Series 14'' Crash



Dream Cymbal Contact Series 14'' Crash

  • Powerful and Bright Crash Cymbal
  • Perfect for Live Work, Recording and Concert Halls
  • Speaks Clearly and Delivers Bigger, Richer Sounds
  • Provides Fast Stick Responses and Full Sustain
  • Medium Decay of the Full Overtone Spectrum

Contact Series

The Contact Series cymbals feature a shaped and slightly deeper profile with a larger bell than other Dream cymbals. These Contact cymbals provide a lively stick feel and a higher pitch whilst still being rich and warm. With a medium to medium-thin design, the cymbals have a depth and complexity in the undertones along with a shimmering wash that drives the sound forward.

The Dream Cymbal Contact Series Crash is a powerful and bright cymbal that speaks clearly with a wide-spectrum of overtones that is perfect for live work, recording and concert halls. This 14" crash cymbal provides fast stick responses, full sustain and fantastic projection.

Surface: Wide Deep Lathing by Hand
Bow: Medium Taper
Bell: Large, Articulate, Clear
Weight: Medium to Thin
Hammering: Deep Hammered Hot and Cold
Stick: Very Crisp and Fast
Wash: Higher Pitch, Medium Long Decay


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