Dream Cymbal Dark Matter 16" Crash

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Toimitusaika: 3-5 päivä(ä)


Dream Cymbal Dark Matter 16'' Crash

  • Explodes With Full-Bodied Crash Sounds
  • Bold, Striking Appearance
  • Unique Creation Process
  • Creates Individual Sounds Like No Other
  • Medium To Long Sustain With Quick Decay
  • 2 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee included

The Dream Dark Matter Series Energy 16" Crash explodes with full-bodied, thunderous crash sounds. The raw image of this cymbal is captivating with it's dark, multi-tonal colour. This is achieved by the one of a kind creation process, achieving individual sounds like no other. Initially bright, however it then spirals into something darker, dirtier and trashy. This is in a range of higher and lower pitches and the sustain is medium to long with a fast decay.

Dark Matter Cymbals

Dream's Dark Matter Cymbals consists of three different models: Flat Earth, Moon Rides and Dark Matter Energy. Although the design and production methods vary for each of the three models, they have all been through Dream's unique Dark Matter Process. The process involves taking a cymbal that's already finished and sending back into the oven.

The next step is to apply repeated rounds and hammering before submerging the cymbal into a cold water bath. The end product is pure bronze on the inside however the outside is a blend of the ash and soot from the oven fused together with the top layer of metal. Essentially, Dark Matter Cymbals have been created twice, producing cymbals that not only sound great but have their own individual appearance.


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