Dream Cymbal Libor Hadrava 10'' Stackers

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Dream Cymbal Libor Hadrava 10'' Stackers

  • Signature Stacks Designed with Libor Hadrava
  • Consists of a 10'' Contact Splash and 10'' Pang Cymbal
  • Provides a Trashy but Warm and Full Sound
  • Perfect for Adding a Melodic Component to Your Drumming
  • Adjustable in the Sustain and Dryness of Their Sound

The Dream Cymbal Stacker consists of a 10'' Contact Splash with a 10'' Pang and was developed in collaboration with Libor Hadrava. These signature stacks provide a trashy but warm and full sound that is perfect for adding a melodic component to your drumming. Each stack can be set up in different ways and the individual cymbals work well on their own, as well as delivering the ability to adjust the sustain and dryness of their sound.


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