Dream Cymbal Vintage Bliss Series Crash/Ride 22''

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Vintage Bliss Series

Vintage Bliss Cymbals first started as unique micro-lathed, hand hammered cymbals with a signature soft edge, low profile bell and gradual taper. These prototypes became so popular that Dream introduced their own line - the Vintage Bliss. Their unique shape and weight make these cymbals incredibly responsive and full bodied with a fairly fast decay.


  • Surface: Micro-Lathed by Hand
  • Bow: Low Gentle Bridge
  • Bell: Broad Shoulder, Smooth Transition Medium Low Height
  • Weight: Thin Tapers
  • Hammering: Hand Hammered Before and After Lathing
  • Stick: Woody Round Attack
  • Wash: Tons of Wash, Lots of Wobble, Quick Decay

The Dream Cymbal Vintage Bliss 22'' Crash Ride is a versatile, thin cymbal that produces explosive, full and punchy crashes while maintaining a soft but clearly defined stick sound that is perfect for riding. These cymbals are a particular favourite among jazz drummers due to their mysterious and exotic undertones, and among hard hitting drummers due to their explosive musicality.

Key features:

  • Versatile Cymbal that Delivers Full and Punchy Crashes
  • Maintains a Soft but Clear and Defined Stick Sound
  • Mysterious and Exotic Undertones
  • Unique Hand Hammered and Micro-Lathed
  • Truly Functional Crash Ride

2 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee included


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