Dream Ignition Series 4 Piece Cymbal Pack 14''/16''/18"/22''

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Dream Ignition Series 4 Piece Cymbal Pack 14''/16''/18"/22''

  • Pack of four cymbals & 22'' Cymbal Bag
  • Hybrid Sound - Bliss & Contact Sound
  • 14'' Hi-Hat
  • 16'' & 18'' Crash Cymbals
  • 22'' Crash/Ride Cymbal

The Ignition 4-Piece Cymbal Pack features 14'' Ignition Hi-Hats, 16'' and 18'' Crash Cymbals, a 20'' Crash/Ride Cymbal and a 22'' bag for protection and easier transportation.

High-Quality Collection
The cymbals are made from B20 alloy and are hand-hammered. These Ignition cymbals feature a hybrid lathe similar to the Contact product line with Bliss micro lathe strip on the edge of the cymbals providing extra control and warmth. They have a medium wash while having the stick definition of a cymbal from the Dream Contact line. This combination of high-quality cymbals will allow beginners to fully explore their sound and will last a lifetime.


  • Hi-Hat Cymbal Size: 14''
  • Crash Cymbal Size: 16'' & 18''
  • Crash/Ride Cymbal Size: 22''


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