Green ST Vintage, Vintage White

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Green ST Vintage, Vintage White

Green Vintage ST are included in our Vintage Series. Typical for the modelseries is hi-grade woods and really good pickups. Our aim has been to recreate the authentic tone that was found in guitars made in the 50s and 60s. It has to stay vintage. We have not been entirely rigorous in the design of the instrument, but taken the liberty to use modern neck and tuners. In order to get a nice tone, we have used the traditional woods, alder and maple from the forests in Northern America. We have chosen alder in the body and maple for the neck. The woods comes from the United States.

As std choice we have chosen to install the Tesla VR-1,s that are Teslas vintage style pickups. The result is a strat with the same nature as the original strats manufactured in the 50s. You can obtain really crisp tones. It's a real bite in the sound. ST Vintage Blue is also available with our own Green Pickups - really good pickups as well. Black pickups and black pickguard - cheeky! If you want something extremely outstanding, choose Lundgren 50s Formvar pickups. Handwired pickups manufactured in Jonkoping by Johan Lundgren.

Both Tesla and Lundgren use only carefully selected components of really high quality. For example, Lundgren uses the same wire that was used by a large company in 1954 - 1964. Also, both Tesla and Lundgren have succeeded in highlighting that typical sound of Strats made in the 50's.

When you take on this guitar You will notice the high quality right away. This is also the verdict we received from our guitartesting panel (testing all the guitars and accept them). The feel you will get is that it's a guitar that could cost far more than 4-500€.
The neck is slender, has a semi-gloss paint and a modern D profile that makes it easy to play and that is very comfortable. The body is painted in high-gloss Sonic Blue. Available with both white and black pickguard.


  • Alder body,
  • D-neck Hard maple (width at nut 42.5 mm. First fret thickness: 20 mm, width: 43.5 mm 12th fret thickness: 22 mm, width: 52.5 mm)
  • fretboard of rose maplewood.
  • 25.5 "scale, 22 vintage frets,
  • Sealed tuners, Green tremolo bridge
  • 1 volume and 2 tone controls
  • 5-way pickup selector,
  • Green Pickups
  • Green or Lundgren pickups.
  • Hardware in chrome.
  • Colour: Sonic Blue, Vintage white or Shell Pink
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