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One Control Anodized Brown Distortion

Tuotenumero: OC-ABD

Varastossa meillä
Toimitusaika: 1-3 päivä(ä)


BJF Series FX | Distortion Pedal

Extremely versatile distortion effect that can be used with any amp, guitar or other effect pedals. The Anodized Brown Distortion is renown for it's high response and incredible dynamic range. The pedal can be driven from 6 to 18V.


  • ​Input impedance: 94K
  • Output impedance: 5K
  • Drive voltage: 6V~18V
  • Current consumption: 4mA @ 9V
  • S/N ratio: -70dBm/
  • Size:39Wx100Dx31H mm (excluding protruding parts)
  • 47Wx100Dx46H mm (including protruding parts)
  • Weight: Approx. 160 grams
  • ​True-Bypass Switching
  • High Quality Aluminum Enclosure
  • Power: 9V Battery or Standard DC Power Supply

Bjorn's Description
Why is the distortion effect so underrated? Distortion that’s flat with disproportionately high gain doesn’t bring out the sound in the front well and isn’t suitable for delicate and subtle expressions. It can never match the sound from a large output amplifier.

That’s what you might think when you hear the word, “distortion.” If that’s the case, let’s blow that image away.
​The One Control Anodized Brown Distortion will break through the conventional image associated with distortion pedals and embody a new definition.

No matter what type of amp or guitar you use, what matters most in making the best distortion is a distortion pedal that picks up all the subtle movements of the player’s fingers. The distortion pedal also needs sufficient gain, compression and sustain to help a player express their sound freely. By incorporating all these characteristics, the Anodized Brown Distortion is a pedal designed for any player that wants the perfect distortion.

Large output tube amps offer high response, flexibility and a sense of compartmentalization. They also feature sharp yet stable attack that is perfect for lead or backing . Additionally, the high dynamic range is essential to avoid unnatural distortion. Anodized Brown Distortion attains a wide and high gain range of +26dB to +60dB. With this being said, this dynamic range is rare among distortion pedals. It is safe to say that the dynamic range at the low gain setting, in particular, produces a distortion extremely similar to a tube amps distortion. Even with a high gain setting, expect an immediate response to the most beautiful arpeggios.

ADB works equally well with humbucker, single coil, and active pick ups. The heavier the pick up, the heavier the sound. No matter the types of pickups, you can easily control low-mid distortion.
Anodized Brown Distortion realizes the best distortion in combination with various amps. It works exceptionally well with a British Stack but when combined with a classic American amp or clean transistor amp, it generates a solid, three-dimensional distortion as if each sound particle were vibrating.

A tight, fat low end. Free from any artificial treble buzz. A lowered guitar volume that dilutes high frequency saturation. A sufficiently solid and organic sound, a long-lasting sustain that fades out in a natural way… The Anodized Brown captures all the elements that make up the classic distortion effect. A compact distortion pedal cannot possibly have all these seemingly impossible features. And yet, the Anodized Brown Distortion does it all.
It‘s the pedal that made the impossible a reality.

- Bjorn Juhl