One Control Basilisk Programmable MIDI Controller

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Basilisk Programmable MIDI Controller PC# & CC# | 128 Presets

The Basilisk allows any musician to control MIDI devices with ease. With the capability of sending PC & CC, total control of your MIDI devices can be achieved.
​Difference between the Basilisk & Gecko MKII:
​The Basilisk is capable of sending PC# and CC#, whereas the Gecko MKII can only send PC#.


  • 128 Presets, 2 presets per bank, 64 banks.
  • Each preset has 5 PC# and 5 CC#. Expanded PC# value 0~199.
  • Presets can be recalled by receiving PC# via MIDI in.
  • Foot switcers are extremely quiet
  • Powered from center negative 9v power supply.
  • Two Modes
    • Direct Access Mode: Allows the user to recall presets quickly.
    • Flash Mode: Allows use recall presets with the four foot switches.
  • ​Active banks setup allow the user to set the start and end bank number for fast loop up.

Dimensions: 109 (W) x 94 9 (D) x 53 (H) mm
Weight: 320g
Power Supply: DC9V
​Current Drain: 30mA max
Basilisk Manual: Download File

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