One Control Chamaeleo Tail Loop MKII

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5 Loop Programmable Switcher - 15 Presets

The ​Chamaeleo Tail Loop Mark II is the perfect solution for a guitarist who is seeking a portable and programmable switcher. With 15 programmable presets (5 loops, 3 banks), creative possibilities are endless. Additionally, this switcher is equipped with 6x DC outputs. The loops are all true bypass and it also has a separate tuner output. Perfect for pedals or tuners that seem to sucking out your tone while not in use. Takes a standard 9V power supply and can be used passively if so desired, however power outputs will not be active.


  • 5 Loop Programmable Switcher
    • Allows you to create and experiment sophisticated pedalboard configurations.
    • 15 Presets/Combinations (3 programmable banks, 5 programs per bank)
    • 6x 9V DC outputs
    • True-bypass present on all loops
    • Tuner Output/Mute Switch

Dimensions: 440 (L) x 60 (W) x 50 (H) mm
Power Supply: DC9V
Current Drain: 200mA max
Max Power Input VP-P: 5V
Max Non-Bufferent Input VP-P: 30V

Chamaeleo Tail Loop MK2 Manual Download File

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