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One Control Gecko MkIII MIDI switcher

Tuotenumero: OC-GEC

Toimitusaika: 4-6 päivä(ä)


MIDI Switcher - CC# | 20 Presets

The Gecko is a great solution for quickly switching between programs on MIDI devices. With an increasing number of guitar pedals being built with midi capabilities, being able to access presets in a quick and efficient manner has become an important part of playing live. The Gecko allows guitarists to use two modes to access programs.

​Difference between the Gecko MKII & Basilisk:
​The Gecko MKII is capable of sending only PC#, whereas the Basilisk can send PC# andCC#.

Two Modes
1) Preset Mode
Preset mode on the Gecko is great for live situations. Having quick access to your favorite presets will take away all hesitation to use digital effects live. With program mode, simply scroll between your predetermined 8 saved programs and with one more stomp of a switch that program is activated. Saving presets is also incredibly easy. Simply scroll through all of the individual effects in manual mode and when you've found the effect you liked to save simply hit the store button and decided which preset slot you'd like to preset to be saved to.

2) Manual Mode
Manual mode is great for recording sessions or band rehearsals. While recording searching for the right tone for a certain song is always an important task. Being able to search through presets hands free makes the process much simpler. Manual mode essentially allows you to scroll through programs one by one, or scroll quickly by holding down the up or down switches. ​​

Why you NEED the Gecko MKII
Perhaps you have a rack effect you've always wanted to use live but going back between songs an scrolling between presets is just out of the question. Perhaps you've got a digital pedal and you'd like to use more than one preset in a single song. Perhaps you play a synthesizer and don't have time to dial the preset menus in between songs. These are all reasons why someone would buy a Gecko by One Control.

With the amount of digital effects being used in live situations growing and growing, One Control responded to the need to have easy access to your favorite presets in an extremely quick and easy manner. The Gecko not only allows to you scroll through eight user defined presets but also allows you to scroll from 0 to 127. For guitarists who use rack effects that have complex controls, they know that using them in a live situation is quite difficult. With the Gecko you can be at ease knowing that you can use your favorite rack based effects and not have to worry about having a tech scroll through presets for you even worse, having to go back to your rack between songs and change a preset yourself. ​​

  • 2x MIDI Out, 2 x 9V outputs
  • 20 presets and program change
  • recall / Direct / Flash Mode
  • Tap tempo switch for MIDI devices which support remote tap tempo control
  • supports 16 up to midi devices on 16 midi channels,
  • connections: 2 x MIDI Out - PSU input & 2 x 9V DC out (5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel connector - center negative)
  • powered by a 9 V DC power supply (not included) no battery operation
  • dimensions (W x D x H): 120 x 65 x 46 mm (4,72" x 2,56" x 1,81"), weight: 200 g (0,44 lbs)