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One Control Honey Bee OD

Tuotenumero: OC-HBOD

Varastossa meillä
Toimitusaika: 1-3 päivä(ä)


"This was my fourth model added to BJF-line 2002. This is a low gain device designed to do dynamic overdrive and in memory of small amplifiers that neither has relatively enough distortion or treble and that give in to distortion when you strike hard.

The low gain nature of Honey Bee has made it popular partly among jazz musicians becuase of the way distortion can be controlled and be made to mimic small amplifiers similar to early jazz recordings but the Honey Bee has also gain popularity
with many other kinds of musicians and has even been used on snaredrum; while the low gain nature of Honey Bee also lends it self well to stacking with other pedals and for instance to smooth out fuzzes with bright amplifiers.
Honey Bee has been produced by BJF Electronics since its release in December 2002 up until today and it has seen mainly four revisions." - Bjorn Juhl


One Control BJFe Series Honey Bee OD is a pedal newly created by BJF himself designing the legendary overdrive pedal, BJFe Honey Bee OD, which lay the foundation of the current amp like pedal.

Original Honey Bee OD was inspired by the sound of the Old Supro Amp and was released on December 4, 2002.
Electric guitar and clean - It is an overdrive pedal most suitable for a guitar amp set to about crunch, it works optimally with other effects and distorted amplifiers, making a warm and warm overdrive character.
Especially dynamics that can be easily adjusted from clean to overdrive with touch at hand, its overwhelming response was headroom and free response like old old amp, even a big amp recorded with a small amplifier Such sounds can be obtained.

If you connect to a clean amp, picking and guitar Volume can enhance expression with sound. For flat strings, mellow tones are obtained, and in round strings, light distortion of old style can be obtained.

When pushing a light distorted amplifier, the harmonic overtone characteristic peculiar to the combo amp will be distorted. It becomes a powerful tone that seems to distort strongly though the actual gain is not set high. In other words, while keeping the core and penetrating power to the tone color, the power of the drive tone which raised the gain is realized at the same time.

It can also be used like a preamp pedal that connects just before the amplifier, shapes the whole tone and creates a characteristic that soft response and lifting a little bit.

While Honey Bee OD has been produced for many years, minor changes have been made. Although basic tone color characteristics do not change, there are differences in detailed characteristics depending on the time of production.

One Control made it possible to select both Honey Bee OD at the time of release and current Honey Bee OD.
Vintage mode is the first Honey Bee OD sound. With a mild and classic overdrive tone, you can make a sweet tone with a unique high response.
Modern mode is the sound of the current Honey Bee OD. Compared to the Vintage mode, the gain is lightened gently, especially the low end output due to the difference range of the Nature knob's range becomes wider, and you can create a tone that matches contemporary scenes.


VOLUME: Adjusts the overall volume. Please start adjusting the tone from the position around 12 o'clock.
DRIVE: Adjust the strength of the distortion. In the position around 12 o'clock you can control the distortion at hand by putting strength on picking.
NATURE: This is a frequency range control that fine-tunes the overall tone color characteristics. Counterclockwise, the low range and the low mid are strengthened, and in the clockwise direction, soft output is obtained. Please basically adjust the tone color around around 12 o'clock counterclockwise slightly.
VINTAGE / MODERN: Switches between the sound of the initial Honey Bee OD (VINTAGE) and the sound of the current Honey Bee OD (MODERN).


Input Impedance: 370k
Output impedance: 50K
Drive voltage: 9 V center minus
Consumption current: 3 mA