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One Control Honey Bee OD 4K Mini

Tuotenumero: OC-HB-STD

Varastossa meillä
Toimitusaika: 4-6 päivä(ä)


New exciting version of the legendary Honey Bee from Björn Juhl!

The One Control Honey Bee OD 4K Mini Standard is a new version of the legendary BJFE Honey Bee OD, the overdrive pedal that laid the foundation for current amp-like pedals, designed by BJF himself.

It has 4 knobs for more detailed control of the tone, and the B and T knobs can be used to individually and accurately control the low and high frequencies.

In addition, the mini size allows it to be installed on various pedal boards without taking up much space.

BJF's long-term research has made it possible to reproduce the original tone even with mini-sized SMD parts.
The design method differs between conventional handmade pedals that use through-hole parts and mini pedals. Mini pedals have the effect of "ghost components" that do not exist as "parts" and do not appear in the circuit, so if you simply make the same circuit diagram, the sound will be different.
BJF has taken into consideration all the effects from the characteristics of the parts to the ghost components to reproduce the sound of the BJFE original pedal.
With the sound that BJF himself was completely satisfied with, we were able to release it in a mini size.

The original Honey Bee OD was inspired by the sound of old Supro amps and was released on December 4th, 2002.
This overdrive pedal is ideal for electric guitars and guitar amps that are set to clean to crunch.
In particular, the dynamics can be easily adjusted from clean to overdrive with the touch of your hand, and its overwhelming response is the headroom and frequency response of using a small old amp. You can get a similar tone.

If you connect it to a clean amp, you can enhance the expression of the tone by picking and guitar volume. Flat strings produce a mellow tone, while round strings produce an old-style light distortion.

When you push a lightly distorted amp, the characteristic of distorting overtones peculiar to a combo amp appears. Even though the actual gain is not set high, it produces a powerful tone that seems to be strongly distorted. In other words, while maintaining the core and penetrating power of the tone, it simultaneously achieves the power of a drive tone with increased gain.

It can also be used like a preamp pedal that can be connected just before the amp to shape the overall tone and create a softer response and slightly lifted low-mids.

The Honey Bee OD has undergone minor changes over the years. The basic timbre characteristics do not change, but there are minor differences in characteristics depending on when they were produced.

With One Control, both the original Honey Bee OD and the current Honey Bee OD sound can be selected.
VINTAGE mode is the sound of the earliest Honey Bee OD. Along with mild and classic overdrive tones, you can create sweet tones with a unique high response.
MODERN mode is the current Honey Bee OD sound. Compared to VINTAGE mode, the gain is lightly increased, and the low-end output is particularly wide, allowing you to create a tone that matches the modern scene.

● Control
- V (VOLUME): Adjusts the overall volume. Start adjusting the tone from the position around 12 o'clock.
- D (DRIVE): Adjusts the intensity of distortion. At the position around 12 o'clock, you can control the distortion at hand by adjusting the strength of the picking.
- B (BASS): Adjusts the low range of the tone.
- T (TREBLE): Adjusts the high range of the tone.
- MODERN/VINTAGE: Switch between the early Honey Bee OD sound (VINTAGE) and the current Honey Bee OD sound (MODERN).


  • Input Impedance: 370k
  • Output Impedance: 50k
  • Drive Voltage: 9V Center Negative
  • Current Consumption: 3mA
  • Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm (excluding protrusions)
  • 47Wx100Dx48H mm (including protrusions)
  • Weight: Approx. 160g (200g with batteries inserted)