One Control Micro Distro power supply

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Power Supply for 9 pedals

The Micro-Distro from One Control is a unique new type of power supply because of its small size and versatility. The Micro-Distro can power 9 pedals, including a 12-18V SAG adjustable output.

​The Micro-Distro is reliable and stage ready with it’s low noise and low heat producing electronics. Additionally, you can link two Micro Distros to power up 17 effect pedals. The Micro-Distro is an incredibly useful and innovative product that is sure to make using your pedal board easier.

The Micro Distro can be purchased individually (distro only, no adapter) or as an all-in-one pack.

All-In-One pack includes:

  • 1x Micro Distro
  • 1x EPA-2000 power adapter
  • 1x DC-15 LS
  • 3x DC-30 LS
  • 3x DC-50-LS
  • 2x DC-70-LS

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