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RedPlate BlackVerb, Custom 50W/18W P2P amplifier

Tuotenumero: RP-BVB

alkaen 3 495,00 €
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The RedPlate BlackVerb is known as the "Swiss Army Knife Amp" as it combines a traditional tone stack with a smooth and musical overdrive.

​This amp was designed for the working musician that wants to play multiple styles with minimal setup time. It is a true 50 watts (2 6L6) with amazing headroom, stackable overdrive and a musical and luscious tube-driven reverb.

​Also available as 45 watts (dual KT66) or 90 watts (dual KT88) for an additional charge.


  • 6-way Mid Q (mode) Switch - Dial in your mids for everything from a scooped “country” tone to a full on fat “fusion” tone.
  • Pull Middle knob – Shifts the mids to get a warmer sound akin to a "deep" switch.
  • Rear Panel Voicing Switches – Humbucker and Smooth Compression switches makes switching your guitar types and playing styles quick and easy.
  • 3-Way Bright Switch – Two different bright modes give you the flexibility you have always wanted or turn bright off.
  • Tone Stack Bypass – Turn the Bass knob all the way counter-clockwise and remove the whole tone stack from the circuit to get a “guitar-straight-to-master volume” path that is clean and powerful.
  • Drive Shift - Shifts the overdrive tonality to a more aggressive British character.
  • Level High-Cut - Removes high-end bite, if needed, from the drive channel.
  • Presence Bypass – Dial in just the right amount of brightness or remove the presence control from circuit for more bright tone
    with more output.
  • Tube tank-type reverb – Can be turned off to create more headroom by removing it from the circuit.
  • Tube Buffered Serial Effects Loop – Most useful effects loop out there – even adds to the tone when no external effects are used.
  • Fixed / Cathode Switch (external test point and adjustment).
  • Hi / Lo Power switch (50 watts / 18 watts).
  • 3-Button Foot switch – The footswitch lets you choose Mid mode (takes you right to the tweed mode on the 6-way Mid Q), Drive and Boost using a standard midi cable for easy replacement.
  • 17" wide chassis and pine shell for combo cabinets.
  • Head dimensions: 19"W x 10"H x 10"D. Approximate weight: 34 pounds.
  • Combo dimensions: 19"W x 19"H x 10.5"D. Approximate weight: 43 - 50 pounds, depending on speaker choice.
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  • Head version price: 3295,00€ incl. VAT