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Taurus Stomp-Head 6.CE, 12W-90W amplifier

Tuotenumero: TR-6.CE

Toimitusaika: 5-7 päivä(ä)


Classic in a compact shape. A proposal for guitarists who prefer traditional, easy-to-use amplifiers with a sound comparable to the iconic tube giants.

The Taurus Stomp-Head 6.CE it is a fully analog design based on our own Master Tube Design technology, without any digital simulations.
The amplifier is extremely easy to use and contains everything that is necessary in a guitarist's workshop.
If you are looking for a powerful sound with the character of classic tube amplifiers, then SH-6.CE will be the right choice.

SH-6.CE can be used in various configurations:

  • as a classic amplifier with a speaker cabinet.There are 4 power levels to choose from: 90W, 40W, 20W and 12W.
  • as a preamp connected directly to the mixer or sound system using output with built-in loudspeaker simulation.

Stomp-Head 6.CE as a pre-amp.
If you want to record your guitar or use the amplifier as a pre-amp without a cabinet then you have a special tool on board - an advanced loudspeaker simulator (IR-CAB simulation). You can choose accurate simulations of two types of speakers: Celestion Vintage-30 and Celestion Creamback.
The CAB-simulation is also equipped in adjustment for microphone position. It provides additional possibilities of equalizing the colour of your sound at the line output. Thanks to this solution you can get closer to the sound conditions of a classic set of speakers with a microphone setup.
You get the right placement and sound of the instrument in the band's mix by transmitting the signal from the line output without using the speaker. All this is done in an analog way, very simple and intuitive, without the use other additional processors. The line output has two signals paths, with or without simulation. This feature also allows you to connect an external loudspeaker simulator. So you can use the built-in simulation, external simulation or both of them at once.

The amplifier offers three different sounds - CLEAN, CRUNCH and DRIVE. Additionally using the foot-switch gives option to activate the BOOST function which makes the signal boosted. Two separate channels with separate tone correction gives a lot opportunities to create your own, personalized sound. The sound setting process is very simple and intuitive, it works by the same way as in traditional tube amplifiers.


  • Power stage efficiency: 200Watt
  • Power output selector: 90W, 40W, 20W, 12W
  • Speakers impedance auto detection: 4,8 and 16ohm
  • Tubes: 12AX7
  • 2 channels: CLEAN+CRUNCH and LEAD
  • 5 footswitches: CLEAN, CRUNCH, DRIVE, REVERB, BOOST

  • Input GAIN boost (switch +6dB)
  • MUTE
  • RESONANCE – switch increasing the sound in the resonance range of the loudspeaker
  • Serial EFFECT LOOP
  • LINE OUTPUT with Speaker Simulation. Allows send linear signal with simulation (PIN) or without simulation (RING) or both simultaneously
  • EXTERNAL CONTROLLER INPUT for channel selector and BOOST
  • Voltage selector 230V/50Hz or 115V/60Hz
  • Dimensions: (H x W x D) 90 x 330 x 205 mm
  • Weight: 2,45kg