Tinypedals Breaking Bad Overdrive

Toimitusaika: 2-3 päivä(ä)


Breaking Bad Overdrive is my refinement of the classic Tube Screamer pedal. A lot has changed in the circuit, among other things, the OP is of higher quality and with a wonderfully crisp character. It is mounted in a base and can easily be replaced if you want to try and find your own favorite. Another addition is the Blend control which regulates how much of the guitar signal should pass the effect or not. Maybe you have a nice basic sound and / or amplifier you just want to add that little extra to reach all the way. Blend gives you opportunities for this and is a very useful and creative feature.
MKII is more low-gain overdrive and has a tone control instead of the previous Bite control.
Powered by standard 9 volt boss type adapter or battery.
Color: TS Green

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