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Walrus Audio Julia V2 chorus

Tuotenumero: WR-JL

Toimitusaika: 5-8 päivä(ä)


Walrus Julia V2 chorus

The Julia is a fully analog, feature-rich chorus/vibrato packed with a wide array of tonal landscapes begging to be explored. Julia is able to produce mild smooth chorus, to seasick vibrato and everywhere in between. With controls like Lag, Dry-Chorus-Vibrato Blend, and selectable analog LFO wave shapes, you are able to dial in all types of classic and unique chorus/vibrato sounds not found on traditional chorus pedals.

In 1999, spectrographs picked up an unexplained sound emanating from dark ocean depths. The source of the sound was untracable. While most scientists attributed it to an iceberg draging the ocean floor, some skeptics began to understand the true source of the sound. Julia, the water demigoddess. Crying from the deep in a chorus of melancholy hymns, she remains to be uncaught but the pursuit for her is unceasing. Walrus has captured a fraction of her powers in the Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato.


  • All analog Chorus/Vibrato
  • From mild-smooth Chorus to seasick Vibrato and everywhere in between
  • Create all classic and unique chorus/vibrato sounds
  • Control elements: rate, depth, lag, d-c-v, wave-shape
  • “Lag” sets the voicing of the Chorus effect (from smooth/tight modulation to warbling detune)
  • “Lag” controls center delay time that the LFO effect modulates from
  • Selectable analog wave-shape: sine, triangle
  • “d-c-v” knob to blend between dry-, chorus- and vibrato-sounds (dry-wet-ratio)
  • Top mounted input-, output- and power-jacks
  • Soft switch relay bypassing
  • “Smart bypass switching” temporarily activates effect
  • Updated version of award-wining JULIA Chorus pedal
  • Works well on bass-guitar (thanks to “d-c-v” control)
  • 9V DC, 30mA
  • 121 x 66 x 41 mm, 0.27 kg
  • Made in Oklahoma, USA